1. Please read our Policies carefully.
  2. Please check prices of our products with other sites and pharmacies for the same brands and confirm (price viability and benefits.) worthiness.
  3. If you want product information in details please click “PRODUCTS” and then click on “Product group or products” .
  4. Availability of STOCK is mentioned on the product pictures itself.
  5. CLICK add to cart button of the desired product.
  6. On the TOP right you can see a bag with “1” (One Quantity). Move cursor to that and click on “ VIEW CART”. It will take you to CART Page.
  7. Top part of CART Page shows Product Picture, Name, quantity as 1, rate and Total amount of said quantity. Here click on the “+”(PLUS SIGN) to increase the quantity. The minimum spend must be US$10.00 for availing any Special Benefits. So “Increase the Quantity and Avail Benefits to Decrease Your Cost”. Once you selected desired quantity, Click on “UPDATE CART”  without fail.
  8. Quantities as permitted by your country.
  9. If you have any “COUPON CODE” you can enter it in the appropriate cell called “COUPON CODE” on the left to update cart and click APPLY COUPON. In case if you find any error don’t worry can be rectified later.
  10. Then come to CART TOTALS. Click on “Calculate Shipping” for selecting your COUNTRY and State from the list. Select your country and state from the list. You can skip POST/ZIP here and then click on “UPDATE TOTALS”, it will show the shipping rate and total cost.
  11. Shipping rate mentioned herein is only for gross weight 250grams (including outer packing). You can order quantities upto 500gms we shall bare the excess cost. Anything above 500grams you will have to contact us before ordering.
  12. Before taking a decision on whether to purchase it or not please click on “PROCEED TO CHECK OUT” without fail. There you can see any discount you are entitled to and you can also add “COUPON CODE” if you have.
  13. In case if you feel to increase the quantity or any updation go back to cart and make updation as mentioned above and come back to CHECK OUT .
  14. Now you satisfied with the benefits so purchase it. Please enter your Billing details as required, and do not forget to click on create an account so the next time you do not re-enter your details.
  15. If your Shipping address is different form Billing address don’t worry just CLICK to left of “SHIP TO A DIFFERENT ADDRESS?” and enter the details.
  16. If you have any suggestions about your order please mention in the box below to “Order notes”.
  17. If you have any queries, doubts or if you require any clarification please send a message to us thorough “CONTACT US” or on our email id we shall reply you quickly.